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ZCWO x Playboy #3 Victory Fingers

ZCWO x Playboy #3 Victory Fingers


ZCWO is happy to announce, the third PLAYBOY designer collaboration project. Created by Spanish artist Luaiso Lopez.This design is based on the iconic “Playboy brand logo” as a blueprint, with fingers as the main feature, showcasing a gesture of victory. Finished in a bold cyan, with pink exposed skin, and bones in solid white, following the designer's previous zombie creation style.The white cuffs at the bottom, and the black bow tie combined with the color scheme give the work a sense of class, and further restore the PLAYBOY brand LOGO.
#2 Victory Fingers
Artist: Luaiso Lopez


Availability(estimated): Q4 2022

Shipping: Free Worldwide

  • Details

    Approx. 30cm
    Material: PVC, Polyresin 
    Limited 399pcs 

    ©2022,Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

    Item No: ZC455

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