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ZCWO x Playboy #1 Playboy Anatomy

ZCWO x Playboy #1 Playboy Anatomy


ZCWO & well-known fashion brand PLAYBOY, will be unveiling a designer collaboration project in 2022 produced alongside a handful of famous designers from all over the world. Designers used PLAYBOY's classic image as a creative element to exert their imagination, and the creativity of modern art to interpret the Playboy Rabbit shape in their style. Each individual piece showcases their creativity and passion.

The first published work was created by the famous Italian designer RX. His most iconic feature is the half-cut state of the bust, rich color matching, and the brain inlaid with Playboy's representative bunny girl. Endow the work with unlimited imagination.


Availability: Q2,2023

Shipping: Free Worldwide

  • Details

    Approx. 52cm(to ear) 30cm(to head) 
    Material: PVC, Polyresin 
    Limited 399pcs 

    ©2022,Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

    Item No: ZC451

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