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PTU Tactical Unit - Tong 肥堂 (Limted Edition)

PTU Tactical Unit - Tong 肥堂 (Limted Edition)

ZCWO are pound to announce a new collectible figure. Universal Entertainment authorized, Hong kong Movie "PTU Tactical Unit", Tong 林堂/肥堂.

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  • Details

    Headsculpt – ZCWORLD
    Painting - IMINIME
    Costume Design - ZCWORLD Tailor Team
    Graphic Design - DoubleLine
    Art Direction - DoubleLine

    1) Tong Headsculpt x 2 (Normal, Injury)
    2) ZCWO articulated Body
    3) Fat Hands x 8pcs
    4) Grey Multi Pocket Vest
    5) Blue Shirt
    6) Dark Pants with Waist Belt
    7) Black Socks and Shoes
    8) Fatten Inner Wear
    9) Police Identity Card with Neck Chain Holder
    10) Pistol with Holster
    11) Watch, Cigarette and Handcuffs
    12) Action Figure Stand w/h PTU Logo


    Item No: ZC125
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