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PTU Tactical Unit - Tong 肥堂

PTU Tactical Unit - Tong 肥堂

ZCWO are pound to announce a new collectible figure. Universal Entertainment authorized, Hong kong Movie "PTU Tactical Unit", Tong 林堂/肥堂.

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  • Details

    Headsculpt – ZCWORLD
    Painting - IMINIME
    Costume Design - ZCWORLD Tailor Team
    Graphic Design - DoubleLine
    Art Direction - DoubleLine

    1) Tong Headsculpt x 2.
    2) ZCWO Male Normal Body, 8pcs of Hands.
    3) Helmet.
    4) Fabric PTU Beret.
    5) PTU Uniform with Jacket.
    6) Fatten Inner Wear.
    7) Level 2 Vest.
    8) Black boots.
    9) Black Belt.
    10) M10 w/h Holster.
    11) Extendable Baton w/h Holster.
    12) Pepper Spray w/h Holster.
    13) Handcuffs
    14) Radio w/h Holster.
    15) Flashlight w/h Holster.
    16) Water w/h Pouch
    17) Pouches, Pen, Cell Phone, Watch
    18) Action Figure Stand w/h PTU Logo


    Item No: ZC117
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