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Mushroom Hambuddha

Mushroom Hambuddha




“ALL DAY HAMBUDDHA! “Artist Tik Ka and production team ZCWO collaborate again to launch a series: "All Day Hambuddha"

Hambuddha, the character create by Tik Ka, full of irony and playfulness. This time, a new size and five different versions of Hambuddha's vinyl art are launched. ”Hambuddha”, “Spicy Hambuddha” , “Green Hambuddha” , “Double Cheese Hambuddha" and "Mushroom Hambuddha"!

Different colors, different flavors.

Availability(estimated): June2023

Shipping: Free Worldwide


All orders are dispatched from CHINA and you may be asked to pay local import charges on receipt of your goods, payment of this is the responsibility of the recipient and not sender or seller.

  • Details

    Approx 28cm in Height

    Material: PVC

    ©Tik Ka From East

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