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Murphy (New York Police2.0)

Murphy (New York Police2.0)

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We are proud to announce our newest 1/6 scale collectible action figure. Murphy (New York Police2.0) 

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  • Details

    Headsculpt – ZCWORLD
    Painting – ZCWORLD
    Costume Design – ZCWORLD Tailor Team
    Graphic Design – DoubleLine
    Art Direction – DoubleLine

    Product Specification:
    - Real Like Headsculpt
    - ZCWO articulated Body
    - Fat hands x 8pcs
    - Police Uniform Cap
    - Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt with badge
    - Uniform Pants with leather belt
    - Black Tee, Black Socks, Black Shoes
    - Police Reflective Vest
    - Patches
    - Handheld Loudspeaker
    - Police Equipment Duty Belt
    - Pepper Spray
    - Pistol with Holster
    - Watch
    - Baton
    - Handcuffs with Pouch, keys
    - Flashlight
    - Radio with Pouch
    - Magazines with Pouch
    - Pen, Clipboard
    - Zip-ties
    - Drop Leg Pouch.
    - Action figure Stand

    Item No: ZC132
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