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We are proud to announce our newest 1/6 scale collectible action figure. One of the most famous and well know British television programme character, Mr Bean.
1/6 scale Mr Bean is wearing his trademark tweed jacket and a skinny red tie. He also wears a digital calculator watch. Mr. Bean's best friend teddy bear and a small bath duck also included. Mr Bean iconic suitcase, armchair, and colorful balloons are perfect accessories.

Availability: March 2022

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide

  • Details


    Headsculpt – ZCWORLD
    Painting - IMINIME
    Costume Design - ZCWORLD Tailor Team
    Graphic Design - DoubleLine
    Art Direction - DoubleLine

    Product Specification:
    1) Mr.Bean Headsculpt x 2 (Smiling & Surprising).
    2) ZCWO Muscular Body, 9pcs of Hands.
    3) Brown Tweed Jacket and Trousers.
    4) White Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Tie.
    5) Pyjamas & Slippers.
    6) Black Shoes, Socks.
    7) Armchair.
    8) Teddy Bear.
    9) Bath Duck.
    10) Balloon x 4.
    11) Suitcase & Digital Calculator Watch.

    Mr Bean ™ and © Tiger Aspect Productions Ltd 1990. All rights reserved.

    Item No: ZC184
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