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iBoy -2U Special Edition

iBoy -2U Special Edition


Remember when that iconic MP3 players first came out, and we were so excited about carrying a thousand songs in our pocket? Here is a toy figure that will make you feel nostalgic about that time


iBoy is a homage to the beloved iconic mp3 player that changed it all. Attentions were paid to every detail to capture the beauty of the original.


iBoy will look great at home or in your office. It’s got a nice retro touch for a little bit of nostalgia. There are no electronic parts, but iBoy is still fun to play with


It also comes with these detachable little headphones. Cute, huh? That also means that it is transformable! You can display it as a robot or an mp3 player lookalike.


All the buttons are clickable, making it the perfect fiddle toy. Pick it up when you’re bored or stressed!


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Shipping: Free Worldwide

  • Details

    Product Details: 

    Height (Robot mode):10cm

    Accessory: Headphone

    Material: Abs plastic

    Designed by Classicbot_toy

    Item No: ZC388

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