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“ALL DAY HAMBUDDHA! “Artist Tik Ka and production team ZCWO collaborate again to launch a series: "All Day Hambuddha"

Hambuddha, the character create by Tik Ka, full of irony and playfulness. This time, a new size and five different versions of Hambuddha's vinyl art are launched. ”Hambuddha”, “Spicy Hambuddha” , “Green Hambuddha” , “Double Cheese Hambuddha" and "Mushroom Hambuddha"!

Different colors, different flavors.

Availability(estimated): Q3 2023

Shipping: Free Worldwide

  • Details

    Approx 28cm in Height

    Material: PVC

    ©Tik Ka From East

    Item No: ZC501

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