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ZCWO x TMNT - Michelangelo

ZCWO x TMNT - Michelangelo


Cowabunga, Ninja Turtles Assemble! Get Ready to Fight the ultimate villain!
Designed by Fools Paradise, based on the Classic Animated  television series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.  The expressions & postures of the four ninja turtles have been redesigned & equipped with their corresponding armor, and accessories. 
Fools Paradise infuses the art style of “FP” while still retaining key details & features of the characters used. This collection showcases all the classic colors, and weapons used in the Ninja Turtles animated series. The body shape is expressed in the form of cartoons, using simple lines to simplify the image; the eyes have been specially treated to make it more lively & playful; and the shape adopts high-saturation color matching to create an eye-catching effect.

Availability(estimated): Q2 2023

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide


All orders are dispatched from CHINA and you may be asked to pay local import charges on receipt of your goods, payment of this is the responsibility of the recipient and not sender or seller.

  • Details

    Approx 30 cm in Height 
    Material: PVC 
    Designed by Fools Paradise 

    ©2023 Viacom. 
    Item No.:ZC494

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