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Chainsaw Man FigurePLUS+ 60cm

Chainsaw Man FigurePLUS+ 60cm


Chainsaw Man FigurePLUS+ pays extreme attention to character details and remains faithful to the original content. Whether it's the bloodstains, the chainsaw hands and head after the protagonist's transformation, or the perfect reproduction of Chainsaw Man's bloody appearance when he transforms, it is all presented in exquisite detail. Chainsaw Man FigurePLUS+ is a 60cm PVC Vinyl model full of bloody charm, bringing Chainsaw Man to your home for you to appreciate.


Availability: Q4 2023

Shipping: Free Worldwide


All orders are dispatched from CHINA and you may be asked to pay local import charges on receipt of your goods, payment of this is the responsibility of the recipient and not sender or seller.

  • Details

    Size: 60cm tall (Approx.)

    Material: PVC Vinyl Painted Finished Product

    item NO.:ZC505

    *Please note that the picture is for reference only and final product may vary.

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