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關 Guan (Vaporwave)

關 Guan (Vaporwave)


Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East collaborated with toys and collectibles store ZCWO to present sculpture of Guan in 2020. Playing with the concept of tradition meets contemporary, the plaster coated Guan who wears souvenir jacket and sports shoes, with the knight engraved with “green dragon and crescent blade”, received acclaimed responses.We are excited to announce that The Guan Vaporwave Version is launched to cope with the thematic exhibition of KKplus. Limited edition released worldwide.Availability: April 2022

Shipping: Free worldwide

  • Details


    Approx 60cm in Height 
    Material: PVC 
    Fine sculptural quality 
    Shadow Highlight painting 
    Limited Edition 

    © Tik Ka From East 2021

    Item No: ZC402

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