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《富吧!龍龜》King Richer RUG

《富吧!龍龜》King Richer RUG


“King Richer” Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East extends his collaboration with art toys ZCWO to create the latest sculpture “King Richer”. “King Richer” is inspired by Dragon Turtle, the mythological creature in traditional Chinese culture. The Dragon Turtle represents persistence, responsibility, long-lived and power: a symbol of prosperity and warding off evils among many mythological mascots. Tik Ka From East transform the traditional Dragon Turtle game character, bringing the metaphor of “life is like a video game” to share the concept that one has to pass through different obstacles in order to reach to a prosperous life. The first edition of “King Richer” will be created in the form of sculpture, directed by Tik Ka and produced by ZCWO and sale in limited edition.


Availability: January 2022

Shipping: Free Worldwide

  • Details

    - Approx   1.3*1.28 meter

    - Material: polyester fibre


    ©Tik Ka From East 2021

    Item No: ZC428

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