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亮 Liang(Vaporwave)

亮 Liang(Vaporwave)


《亮 Liang》

Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East collaborated with toys and art collectibles store ZCWO to present sculpture of Guan in 2020. Zhuge Liang, a Chinese statesman and military strategist, one of the most important person in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


Availability: Q3 2024

Shipping: Free worldwide


All orders are dispatched from CHINA and you may be asked to pay local import charges on receipt of your goods, payment of this is the responsibility of the recipient and not sender or seller.

  • Details

    - Approx 60cm in Height 
    - Material: PVC 
    - Fine sculptural quality 

    © Tik Ka From East 

    Item No: ZC564

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